Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron has been making hearing aids since 1964, and has been one of the fastest growing and most successful producers of hearing aids in the industry.  The company is part of Switzerland’s Sonova Group, and is headquartered in Kitchener, Canada.

Unitron is known for their commitment to produce hearing aids for virtually every kind of patient. They produce behind the ear and in the ear models. This range of products provides a range of good choices for most every budget.

The company is also committed to early detection and treatment of hearing loss. They introduced a hearing test, which can be run on an iPhone or iPod Touch, so that anyone can check their hearing to determine if further investigation is warranted.

The company is concerned that over 75% of people who have hearing loss do not take advantage of hearing aids. Unitron hopes the ease of iPhone and iPod Touch testing will give greater awareness to hearing problems and encourage people affected with hearing loss to seek proper treatment.

Unitron Hearing Aids


Unitron has always strived to produce innovative hearing aids with superior features. Their Fuse brand certainly does just that. It is ultra small so that it can fit completely within the ear. This makes it virtually invisible.

But the small size doesn’t mean that it lacks exceptional performance. Featuring ultra sophisticated circuitry, the Fuse provides its users with natural hearing response.

And it feels great in your ear because it was designed to flex inside of the ear canal. This is an outstanding innovation and helps to establish the Fuse as one of the best products of its type.

Unitron also makes several styles of ultra small behind the ear hearing aids.  The advantage of these styles is the ability to easily access the controls.

With attractive cases and a broad range of color choices, you can achieve just the look you seek. Combine this with outstanding functionality and performance you’ve got a winning combination with these Unitron models.

The company also produces a broad range of traditional behind the ear hearing aids. These products feature advanced functionality but in a more traditional look and feel.

As for in the ear models, Unitron offers a broad range of choices. You can choose full shell models down to completely-in-the-ear l choices. Combined with the other model options, people considering the use of hearing aids can optimize functionality, performance, and price when choosing Unitron products.

Hearing Screening to Help Identify and Correct Problems

Hearing Screening to Help Identify and Correct Problems

Hearing loss can be a very gradual process and many people are unaware that they have had a decline in their hearing.  It is therefore important to receive regular hearing screenings to identify potential hearing problems over the age of 50.

The best way to get a hearing screen is through an Audiologist’s office. They use special equipment  to present different sounds through a set of headphones into your ears.

As you hear these sounds, you are instructed to respond as they occur. This tells the tester which sounds you can discern. These sounds are presented at different volumes and pitches.

Hearing Screening to Help Identify and Correct Problems


In this way, the tester can determine how sensitive your hearing is and what pitches you cannot hear as well. In addition, the results show details of the hearing loss, allowing the Audiologist to explain how it impacts you.  Depending upon the severity of the loss, different treatments may be recommended. Once hearing loss has been detected, regular hearing checks are important to monitor for additional loss.

Preventative action is always recommended, regardless of whether you have hearing loss or not. This includes avoiding loud noise when possible and to protect your hearing with protective earplugs when around loud machinery or music.